Tattoo Vacation.


Tattoo and Vacation Pricing

Creating Lasting Memories Through Tattoos and Vacations in Phuket

we believe in transparency and providing our valued clients with clear and competitive pricing for our exceptional tattoo services and unforgettable vacation packages. Our pricing is designed to reflect the quality of our artistry, the expertise of our tattoo artists, and the outstanding experiences we offer in the enchanting paradise of Phuket.

Tattoo Pricing

Consultation Fee

A one-time fee for a personalized consultation session with our tattoo artists to discuss your design ideas, placement, and sizing.

10 $


A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your tattoo appointment. The deposit amount will be deducted from the final tattoo cost.

10 $

Hourly Rate

Our artists charge an hourly rate for their tattooing services. The duration of the tattooing process will depend on the complexity, size, and intricacy of the design.

10 $

Minimum Charge

A minimum charge applies to small tattoos or designs that require a relatively shorter amount of time.

10 $

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Vacation Packages

Tattoo Vacation Package A

Description: Includes a personalized tattoo session and 2 nights’ stay in a luxury beachfront resort.

Tattoo Vacation Package A

Includes a personalized tattoo session and 3 nights’ stay in a luxury beachfront resort.

Customized Vacation Package

If you have specific preferences or would like to create a tailor-made vacation package, our vacation specialists will work with you to curate a personalized itinerary.


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